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When I was 13/14/15 I really was in love with Green Day. I bought all their albums, including a live interview CD, I went to see them live in Milton Keynes in 2005, and then bought the DVD that was filmed of that concert, and the one of the day before - Bullet In a Bible.

As I got older my music tastes evolved, as I did, they still change reguarly, although I'll often come back to a band's music. I haven't listened to Green Day for a while now though, but recently I've started listening to them again, and although I'm not as obsessed as I was back than, I think I'll always loved them. I get very nostalgic when I listen to them... and they got me through some hard times, as cliche as that sounds, they really got me through high school which was such a fucked up time for me, I really hated school. So many dickheads, and one in particular.... But that's a whole other story.

I'm not drunk, but I have been drinking, this probably isn't going to make as much sense as it should have done.

and I never post in this journal anymore lol, but I felt like I might as well. Needed to get this out there somewhere, and it sort of made sense to post it here. I posted here a lot throughout high-school, and some of sixth form.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you've had the time of your life.

and if I could go back and relive one day, it's a toss up 50/50 between that fucking amazing gig (one of the best days of my life even now, and I've never enjoyed another gig as much.) or just the whole of that holiday when I was 12 where I met those awesome people, the one after was pretty cool too, but that one, at the end of year seven, was epic.

Oh yea I found these quizes somewhere I can't quite remeber where. Anyway this is what I got:

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Billie Joe Armstrong


Mike Dirnt


Tre Cool


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Billie Joe Armstrong Would... Fall In Love With You
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Tre Cool Would... He Would Screw U On The Piano
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Wat Happened In the End? U Only Survived...So Sad
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I have just one querie how can I die and then sruvive in the end?
Oh and in other news I actually love LJ. It's the only site I am able to upload my own icons onto from my computer. I can't even upload them Properly onto Photobucket for fucks sake.

Oh and I need to cut down on swearing too. It bugs my mum though that's not why I need to cut down, just I think I sound a bit lame when I swear. Oh well. Anyway this site rocks maybe it was a good thing I couldn't upload icons though the one I've got at the moment is pretty rubbish but I only have paint anyway so... Also the colours have lost some of there brightness too unfortunatly the colours looked neon before and now they've turned into, well, dark.

There's just one problem. I can only upload three icons at one time. I had already filled my max icon amount up but I deleted one of my other icons 'cos it looked a bit like this one. I don't know what I'm going to do when I make more...

Soda Pop, Ritalin And A Green Day Concert.

Right well. This is going to be one hell of a long entry. First off I have given up on my The Rasmus fanfic 'cos I was getting hardly any reviews and just, well, got bored of it to be honest. Secondly the reason I haven't posted on my journal in ages is because I had problems getting on to it because of my stupid Parental controls thing but I've sorted that out now may I add I HATE Aol. I have recently started writing a story, yes a story not fanficiton. I shock myself sometimes and I have so far got to chapter two on it. I am addicted to the sims 2 again after goin through a short period of not being adicted. Now to the main news: GREEN DAY CONCERT 19/6/05!!!!!!!!!!!!

concert review.Collapse )

Need to Download...

I have now learn how to play Nirvana's heart-shaped box on the guitar only it doesn't sound exactley right... I have also updated chapter thirteen a few days ago on my fic and am going out later to asdas *cough* Woohoo! *cough* I'd rather go to town but what the hell. I still need to get Nimrod and Warning (green day albums), jimmy eat worlds album bleed america and Muse's album absoloution. I'm also debating wever or not I want to buy Employment (Kaiser cheifs album.) So anyway as you can see I have a lot of music C.Ds I want to buy which isn't really suprising seein as my world liturelley revolves around music. I should really start downloading stuff...

Oh and If you can be bothered check out this picture:


It's like Green day gone physco or just high, drunk etc. Bu anyway it's cool. I'll be thinking of this pic every time I see a spade or Fire estinguisher (SP?) for like the next three weeks!
Oh just a quick post from me. I can't beleive i didn't post this yesterday I know I'm a bit late. But the 8th of April (a few days ago) was Kurt cobains 11th death aniversary.

Rest In Peace Kurt Cobain I hope you're having fun were ever you are and continue rocking! \"/

NOTE: See I can be bothered to say the full Rest in peace instead of R.I.P! I'm so cool lol not... Anyway I'm going now.

Lazy bones.

Ok i've had this acount for a few days now but have been lazy recently so i havn't posted anything. So anyway what's happened recently in my rather pointless life well...
I went to London last thursday. Which happened to be Billie Joe from greendays birthday so i know it's late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE JOE. Anyway i ended up being sick most of the night when i came back from London not sure why think it was probably somehting i ate... I also managed to get tickets to the Greenday gig at Milton Keynes bowl on 19th of June i tried to get them for the 18th but that was sold out still as long as i can go i don't care what day it is! Other than that not a hell of a lot's happened recently other than i've been trying to join Devient art but have failed because im not receiving the activation email which sucks so i don't see me joining anytime soon.