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Need to Download...

I have now learn how to play Nirvana's heart-shaped box on the guitar only it doesn't sound exactley right... I have also updated chapter thirteen a few days ago on my fic and am going out later to asdas *cough* Woohoo! *cough* I'd rather go to town but what the hell. I still need to get Nimrod and Warning (green day albums), jimmy eat worlds album bleed america and Muse's album absoloution. I'm also debating wever or not I want to buy Employment (Kaiser cheifs album.) So anyway as you can see I have a lot of music C.Ds I want to buy which isn't really suprising seein as my world liturelley revolves around music. I should really start downloading stuff...

Oh and If you can be bothered check out this picture:

It's like Green day gone physco or just high, drunk etc. Bu anyway it's cool. I'll be thinking of this pic every time I see a spade or Fire estinguisher (SP?) for like the next three weeks!
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