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Lazy bones.

Ok i've had this acount for a few days now but have been lazy recently so i havn't posted anything. So anyway what's happened recently in my rather pointless life well...
I went to London last thursday. Which happened to be Billie Joe from greendays birthday so i know it's late but HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLIE JOE. Anyway i ended up being sick most of the night when i came back from London not sure why think it was probably somehting i ate... I also managed to get tickets to the Greenday gig at Milton Keynes bowl on 19th of June i tried to get them for the 18th but that was sold out still as long as i can go i don't care what day it is! Other than that not a hell of a lot's happened recently other than i've been trying to join Devient art but have failed because im not receiving the activation email which sucks so i don't see me joining anytime soon.
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