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Soda Pop, Ritalin And A Green Day Concert.

Right well. This is going to be one hell of a long entry. First off I have given up on my The Rasmus fanfic 'cos I was getting hardly any reviews and just, well, got bored of it to be honest. Secondly the reason I haven't posted on my journal in ages is because I had problems getting on to it because of my stupid Parental controls thing but I've sorted that out now may I add I HATE Aol. I have recently started writing a story, yes a story not fanficiton. I shock myself sometimes and I have so far got to chapter two on it. I am addicted to the sims 2 again after goin through a short period of not being adicted. Now to the main news: GREEN DAY CONCERT 19/6/05!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was fuckin' awsome. I loved every second of it, I'm a bit pissed now though 'cos I've just found out that if you got there early and were one of the first 500 or something you could get a wrist band that would allow you into the front. There was no chance for me though. I didn't get there till half way through Hard-fi's set. I was singing along to some of Jimmy Eat Worlds songs, I lvoe the songs pain and work. Not many people were listening to the support bands really though more of them started listening when Taking back Sunday were up. A group of about five boys behind me kept shouting 'Get off the stage you cunt's' which was pretty annoying as I was tryin to see what they were like, yes I'd never heard them before the concert. I gradully made my way towards the front of the concert and according to my mum I was very enar the front at one point but then she pulled me back, she was going to make me go to the feild area behind the pit? But that I didn't allow 'cos I wanted to be in the pit. Even though I was boiling. Strangely I didn't get hit to much but I was wearing this freaky bag that was pretty annoying. It jutted out to the side a little to much. Most of the crowd were goin crazy but there was a couple of people in front of me that barely moved anything but their arms throughout the etire concert, which was fine only they kept turning around and looking at me and I was sure I wasn't hitting them so I didn't get that. Twas annoying though. I know I must have looked a site but still...

I sang along to every song. I went beyond caring what people might have thought if they heard me, which the people near me probably did. Actully maybe that's why they kept staring...

There was so many fuckin' great bits of the concert I truely couldn't pick a fav part, though when they all dressed up, when Billie was masterbating and of course when Billie introduced them were definatly great bits. I loved the way he introduced Jason Freeze. I shall be sure to check out the porn sites from time to time to see if I can spot him lol but seriousley when he said 'Mike looks sexy naked.' I cheered like hell. I cheered a lot come to think of it. Especially when that girl crowd surfed.

I am currently very jelous of the boy that got to keep Billie's guitar though. Very jelous. I put my hand up for the guitar part even though I can't play properley and I was like in the middle, back area of the pit (if you know where I mean) so it would have been immpossible for me to get to the stage.

Throughout the concert I consumed two bottles of Fanta fruit twist, which I think tastes like non alcholic, fizzy peshwa (I have absoulutly no idea how you spell that but it's prounounced something like that so I hope you get what I mean.)

I came home at half twelve, we spent about half an hour looking for my mum's friends bloody car. (My mum didn't want to drive because she didn't know the way.) Lucky we live close to MK other wise I would have been exhausted the next day for school and my mum wouldn't have let me have the day off if I was half dead. I couldn't concentrate though anyway my mind was still at MK the whole day, it still kind of is come to think of it...

I am so going to another Green Day concert as soon as I can because that was one of the best fuckin' nights of my life. Day to as it happens. Funnily enough I didn't get hit with water at all, no not water just beer! Great isn't it? It dind't spoil it at all though I just laughed when I got drenched in the stuff 'cos it wouldn't have ruind it it punched me in the face. (I'm not sure that makes sense but oh well.)

During the concert there were many circle pits going on. At one point I was right next to one and amazingly didn't get hit or anything. In the end I ended up bying a Green Day sweat band and a Green Day poster.(I saw some one in the canteen the next day with a simualr band I think they went to one of the MK dates to.) I would have bought more stuff like a bag and whatever but I don't know why I didn't. There making D.V.D's of the gigs and as soon as I can I'm buying both of them. My cousain went to the first one, I doubt she'll be in the vid though. I doubt I will either. I could go on and on and talk about the Green Day gig for ages but I think I've said enough.

I bought the kerrang magazine with it's review on the first date but I wanted the last issue of Kerrang where green Day apparenty take over. Kerrang were to tired from download apparently. I'm goin to wait till the next issue comes out and then see If I can order it in the past issues section if not, then, I'll search the shops and if there's still nothing I'm doomed.
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