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When I was 13/14/15 I really was in love with Green Day. I bought all their albums, including a live interview CD, I went to see them live in Milton Keynes in 2005, and then bought the DVD that was filmed of that concert, and the one of the day before - Bullet In a Bible.

As I got older my music tastes evolved, as I did, they still change reguarly, although I'll often come back to a band's music. I haven't listened to Green Day for a while now though, but recently I've started listening to them again, and although I'm not as obsessed as I was back than, I think I'll always loved them. I get very nostalgic when I listen to them... and they got me through some hard times, as cliche as that sounds, they really got me through high school which was such a fucked up time for me, I really hated school. So many dickheads, and one in particular.... But that's a whole other story.

I'm not drunk, but I have been drinking, this probably isn't going to make as much sense as it should have done.

and I never post in this journal anymore lol, but I felt like I might as well. Needed to get this out there somewhere, and it sort of made sense to post it here. I posted here a lot throughout high-school, and some of sixth form.

It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right.
I hope you've had the time of your life.

and if I could go back and relive one day, it's a toss up 50/50 between that fucking amazing gig (one of the best days of my life even now, and I've never enjoyed another gig as much.) or just the whole of that holiday when I was 12 where I met those awesome people, the one after was pretty cool too, but that one, at the end of year seven, was epic.

Tags: green day, introspective, nostalgia, tipsy post
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